Edward G. Hallda



A resourceful, customer-centric executive with an exemplary record of taking a fast-growing technology company to increased profit levels and market penetration. Highly skilled at building strong performance teams and gaining support and influence from all levels inside and outside of an organization to execute a focused strategic plan with measured results. Creative free-thinker who sees a bigger picture, coupled with entrepreneurial abilities, visionary leadership, and a sense of urgency.

Key Strengths and Benefits

  1. Strategic Planning & Decision Making
  2. Customer-centric Service Development
  3. Product Development, Evangelism & Expansion
  4. Technology Organization Management
  5. Disaster Recovery Planning
  6. Product Expansion
  7. Security and Regulatory Compliance
  8. High Profile Client and Vendor Relationships
  9. Business Performance Management

Signature Value

Idea Development. Listen to customers and market to recognize good vision and ideas and successfully turn them into products and deliver them to market; interactive collaboration with all levels of organization to motivate and deploy according to strategic objectives. Work with both technical and non-technical management colleagues to present and translate concepts into comprehensible plans and coordinated implementation tactics.
Results-Driven Marketing Professional. Track record for raising the marketing bar by envisioning and driving new ideas, outperforming goals and delivering market penetration.
Strategic Planning & Execution. Identify and implement strategic focus. Create and drive technical business plans through product and project management that implement key activities to deliver results. Perform and deliver analyses of operational and financial metrics.
Strategic Alliances. Achieve cost control and/or profitable growth through integration of strategic relationships. Identify, secure, and manage partnerships with outside companies and internal constituents whose contributions will further the organizations goals.

Synopsis of Career Experience

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE - Dimension4, Inc. (1/2005 Present)

Position Overview: Deliver service-based technology solutions within the Department of Defense and key commercial industries. Build and manage a customer and project portfolio that enables further development of product service plans. Influence product evolution through market awareness, project best practices and continuous feedback.


Position Overview: Direct product expansion into new markets and technologies through a balance of internal development, partnerships and acquisitions. Provide strategic plans and implementation leadership to sales and technology organizations. Act as subject matter expert for all customer communications including public relations and customer service. Build and deliver process, metrics and controls to produce and sustain desired results. Manage regulatory issues and implementation considerations and constraints including FDIC, OTS, Privacy Act, RESPA, SB1386 and GLBA.


Position Overview: Chief liaison and communications manager between Sales and Marketing teams and Product Development. Primary business analyst to both understand and document market needs, and deploy product development resources to meet or exceed those needs. Architect and deploy UNIX and Windows technologies to build, host, maintain and support 24/7 Data Center servicing over 6000 interactive websites, including two leading industry portals, servicing over 10,000,000 users nationwide. Build an implement SLA and Disaster Recovery. Technologies used include SQL, Perl, RDBMS, Java, XML, asp, VB, C/C++ and variety of OS and web servers from Solaris and NT to Apache and IIS.


Position Overview: Contracted to build and lead New Media operations to design, develop and deploy leading mortgage finance B2B portal and build websites for loan originators and mortgage lenders. Lead development of brand and image for thousands of clients. Clients included 24 of top 25 wholesale lenders in the country with leading brands such as Bank of America and Washington Mutual.

SOLE PROPRIETOR Virtual Resources (10/1995 6/2000)

Position Overview: Develop brand and position for private enterprises deploying eCommerce solutions by delivering a turnkey solution including presence and connectivity. Help clients transcend from traditional customer acquisition and communication channels to new online opportunity. Offer connectivity as means of penetration. Provide digital and analog Internet access services for King, Kitsap and Pierce counties.

SENIOR COMPUTER ANALYST Vitro Corporation (9/1991 4/1997)

Position Overview: Support Keyport's Undersea Warfare initiatives, implement process efficiencies through technology automation, process reengineering. Design and develop client-server applications for three organizations within an undersea warfare manufacturing plant including Business and Finance, Project Planning and Scheduling, and Corporate Relations.

NON COMMISSIONED OFFICER United States Navy (9/1984 9/1990)

Position Overview: Lead warfare engineer on USS Sacramento responsible for integrity of all electronic and mechanical sub-systems within the NATO Sea Sparrow guided missile system, and Phalanx CIWS Doppler radar gun system. Graduate of 2 year training program in electronics and Nuclear Engineering. Honorably Discharged.


  • P&L responsibility for $3M; over 40% of public company revenue; grew over 30% in 2 years.
  • Increased sales and marketing activities generating $1M in annual sales; 28% increase over prior year.
  • Re-engineered product fulfillment workflows producing a turn-time of 22 days from 63 days representing a significant reduction in costs while markedly increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Wrote and negotiated strategic alliance that added transactional technology to our business platform, which increased membership 17%; revenue 6%.
  • Wrote and negotiated strategic alliance that added desktop productivity software increasing revenue 12%.
  • Personally designed and developed a purely web-based CRM managing thousands of daily customer interactions.
  • Negotiated multi-year server and connectivity co-location contract with a cost savings of 20%.
  • Designed and implemented first business continuity plan and SLA delivering 99.99% availability.
  • Re-engineered support workflows; enabled techs with job ticket system.
  • Planned and directed migration of IngresII DBMS to Oracle8i.
  • Directed migration from SCO Open Server on Intel to High Availability configuration of Sun Solaris 8 on Intel.
  • Contracted by Fannie Mae to develop online mortgage approvals direct from Fannie; 2 days reduced to 2 minutes.
  • Negotiated telecom contracts with cost savings of nearly 20%; merged data/voice on common infrastructure.
  • Managed all voice and data infrastructures for 3 corporate locations. Converted all networks from coax to RJ-45.
  • Moved Data Center from off-site to secure on-site facility including all internal and external applications and services with 100% uptime.
  • Developed SSL-based online mortgage loan application and effectively doubled product sales.
  • Education & Skills Overview


    Computer Science, Liberal Arts Olympic College (1994-1996)
    Nuclear & Electrical Engineering US Navy (1984-1990)

    Certifications / Training

  • Project Management
  • Information Systems Security
  • Cisco Networking
  • Microsoft Certified (Server, Workstation, Networking)
  • MS Access; Visual Basic
  • Micro-Miniature Electronic Repair (2M)
  • Total Quality Management
  • Regulatory Issues: Sarbanes-Oxley; HIPAA; GLBA; RESPA
  • Computer Skills

  • Software RDBMS including: CA Ingres, Oracle, mySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server. Miscellaneous productivity including: MS Office, MS Project, VISIO, vi, and Photoshop.
  • Hardware Intel-based servers and workstations; routers, switches and hubs; Merlin Legend PBX; DSU/CSU; Macintosh; miscellaneous peripherals
  • Languages SQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Perl, DBML, Visual Basic